Capability Statement


Corporate Services/Private Sector Development

Consultancy Services to Provide Water Conservation and Demand Management Guidelines (Water Services Regulatory Board)-2009

The Group reviewed literature of various documents relevant to the assignment; reviewed the WC/WDM zero draft guidelines prepared by WARESB; updated this zero draft to form a draft WC/WDM draft guidelines and after incorporating WARESB comments, generated the final WC/WDM guidelines.

Development of Strategic Plans for Lake Victoria North and Central Water Services Board and Nzoia Water Services Company. (Ministry of Water and Irrigation / GTZ Water Sector Reform Programme) - March – August, 2005

M.A. Consulting Group, through its institutional development expert, recently developed the Strategic Plans of Lake Victoria North and Central Water Services Board; and the Nzoia Water Services Company. This was a participatory process involving the Directors and Senior Managers of these institutions.

Kenya Ports Authority Business Plan (KPA, 2005)

The KPA contracted M. A. Consulting Group to prepare a comprehensive three-year Business Plan (2005/06-2007/08) that operationalises targets outlined in the Government’s Economic Recovery Strategy, the Performance Contract (signed between the Authority and the Ministry of Transport) and the Master Plan of the Port of Mombasa. Services provided include undertaking a SWOT analysis; preparation of business objectives; reviewing port organisation and human resources management; financial/ resource mobilisation; making recommendations on the Port’s policy, legal and regulatory framework; and developing a monitoring and evaluation plan.

Institutionalization of Meru Water and Sewerage Services Company (MEWASS) - 2002

M.A. Consulting Group, through the leadership of its institutional development expert, was instrumental in institutionalizing Meru Water and Sewerage Services Company (MEWASS). This involved the transformation of Meru Water Supply System and Municipal Sanitation System into a new institution focusing on private sector management approach to service delivery. It led to the establishment of the Trust Corporation as the viable vehicle for service delivery.

Operational Audit of the Uganda Private Sector Competitiveness Project (World Bank) 1997.

The M.A. Group carried out a detailed assessment of this US $12 million project, funded by the World Bank and being implemented by the Private Sector Foundation. The project had four components; a policy advisory component, a cost sharing grant-scheme, an equity financing component and an investment promotion and facilitation component. The objective of the assignment was to determine whether the objectives are being met and procedures respected and provide recommendations for change after the first year of operations.

Five Year Corporate Strategic Plan (Private) 1997

The Group was commissioned by a leading Kenyan publishing company to assist in the development of their five year Corporate Strategic Plan. The Group’s team prepared a profile of Kenya’s publishing industry, conducted a four-day Corporate Strategy Planning Workshop with the client’s senior management team and assisted in preparing the final Corporate Strategic Plan document.

Beach Hotel Development (Private)

The Group acted as lead consultant and adviser to a sponsor undertaking an US$ 8.0 million dollar private investment project in Kenya. The Group was responsible for overseeing, on behalf of the sponsor, a detailed feasibility study of the investment project, the identification of joint venture partners and negotiations for finance, the management and marketing contracts. The project was prepared in association with the African Project Development Facility (APDF), but its implementation was delayed due to the slump in Kenya’s tourism sector.

Feasibility Study on the Nairobi Safari Walk (Kenya Wildlife Service) 1996

The Kenya Wildlife Service commissioned the Group to assess the viability of the Nairobi Safari Walk, a unique facility for conservation education and wildlife management. The assessment carried out included a review of the proposed animal collection and bio-diversity exhibits, verification of the project’s capital and operating costs, analysis of the facility’s ability to meet its educational and conservation objectives on a self-financing basis, recommendations on entry fees to the facility and a review of the personnel structure with recommendations on staffing numbers and levels.

Feasibility Study for the Purchase and Expansion of a leading Quarry (Private) 1996

The objective of this study was to establish the viability of a project to purchase a leading producer of machine-dressed stones for the Nairobi area, and to expand its operations so as to double production. The study included a customer survey as well as the preparation of a detailed financing plan.

Feasibility Study for the Expansion of a Bottling Company, Kampala, Uganda (Private) 1996

The objective of this study was to establish the economic and financial viability of a leading producer of Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) in Uganda, as well as a rationale for the expansion of its capacity. This involved modernisation and upgrading of the existing plant, constructing an additional line capable of producing 25,000 bottles/hr., and opening an additional plant in the western Ugandan town of Mbarara at a total cost of US$ 15.5 million.

Survey of Private Sector Growth in Tanzania (USAID/Tanzania) 1995-96

The study identified trends in the creation and establishment of registered private sector companies in Tanzania between 1992 and 1995. It provided an overview of the distribution by size and sector of a randomly selected sample of newly registered firms and obtained detailed information on firm level constraints and opportunities in Tanzania’s private sector. Interviews with over 70 firms were conducted in 5 major cities and towns in Tanzania. The study was used to evaluate USAID/Tanzania's Finance and Enterprise Development (FED) Project and was an input into the USAID/Tanzania strategic planning exercise.

Feasibility Study on Dairy Processing Plants in Kakamega and Kiganjo (Private) 1995

This study assessed the viability of new dairy processing projects in Kakamega in western Kenya and at Kiganjo in central Kenya. A detailed field survey of the region was carried out to understand the demand and supply dynamics of the local dairy industry.

Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry: African Regional Programme (Private) 1991

The Private Sector Initiatives in Economic Growth (PSIEG) programme involved bringing together representatives of the private and public sectors in five east and southern African countries to deliberate on pertinent, current economic issues such as structural adjustment, privatisation and regional integration. The Group was selected as project consultants/facilitators to this proposed long-term project.

Market Survey for the Bellerive Community Stove (Private) 1987

The Group conducted a detailed market survey to assess the demand for wood-fuel institution stoves. The assignment involved the study of the characteristics of the market for institutional catering equipment, examining the demand and supply of competing fuels and stove types.

Kenaf as a Substitute for Imported Jute (Private) 1985

A local firm interested in substituting jute with locally produced Kenaf fibre commissioned the Group to examine the economics of Kenaf production, processing and spinning. Recommendations on the agronomic, economic and financial viability of the project were made.

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