Capability Statement


Environmental Impact Assessment

Impact Assessment of the PSNP Public Works Program (World Bank/ Government of Ethiopia) 2008

In this currently ongoing assignment, the Group is required to undertake the impact assessment of the Public Works projects under the Productivity Safety net Program (PSNP) in Ethiopia. Recommendations are to be made as to how the PW projects could be improved for enhanced effectiveness, to maximise positive and minimize negative impacts. The consultants will also produce an Environmental and Social Management Plan.

Feasibility Studies for the Tana Delta Integrated Sugar Project (Mumias Sugar Company, Tana & Athi Rivers Development Authority) 2007

Mumias Sugar company (MSC) Ltd. and Tana and Athi River Development Authority (TARDA) in a planned joint venture, are proposing to put up the “Tana Integrated Sugar Project (TISP)” in Garsen Division/Tana River District and partly in Lamu District. This called for a feasibility study that had various components including: economic pricing and market analysis, environmental impact assessment, livestock and wildlife, and social economics and community participation. All these components were carried out by the M. A. Consulting Group. The baseline studies were carried out by a multi disciplinary team involving: socio-economics, ecology, population, livestock, environmental, fisheries, agricultural, agronomy, and economics experts. The Environmental Impact Assessment considered all possible adverse impacts to the delta including effects on the overall ecosystem and irrigation.

Environmental Impact Assessment for the Kenya Power & Lighting Company Ltd. (GOK) 1993-94

The Group conducted an environmental impact assessment for the Nairobi and the Coast Areas system reinforcement projects. The projects involved the reinforcement of existing substations, the establishment of substations, the construction of additional overhead lines and the laying of underground cables.

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