Principals and Associates

Mr. Ngure Mwaniki- Economist & Policy Analyst, Managing Director.

Mr. Ngure Mwaniki, an Economist, is a graduate of Harvard University (M.P.A.), the University of Colorado (Dip. in Econ) and the University of Nairobi (B.A. Hons). He is the founder and director of the M.A. Consulting Group, a regional firm specializing in economic development and management in sub-Saharan Africa. In this capacity, he has been responsible for the design, methodology and directorship of numerous assignments in the African region during the last twenty five years. He is currently a co-team leader in the ongoing study on Transaction Advisory Services Assistance for Selecting Terminal Operators)-(Kenya Ports Authority).

The following are examples of recent consultancy assignments accomplished: Project Director/Lead Consultant on Investment Policy Framework Studies for the Kenya Investment Authority; Deputy Team Leader on a Study to Review the Port of Mombasa’s Tariff Structure; Lead Consultant, Consultancy on the Review and Update of Port Master Plan Study of the Port of Mombasa Including Development of Free Trade Zone; Kenya Country Study Coordinator on Equity and Growth through Economic Research/Public Strategies for Growth and Equity (EAGER/PSGE) Study (in association with Harvard Institute for International Development) to examine the macroeconomic management, institutional and productivity implications for faster and sustainable economic growth in five African countries, including Kenya; Team Leader for a study to review the investment climate in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and develop concrete investment opportunities for financing by the Private Sector Development Unit of the African Development Bank; Project Director/Economist “Study on the Establishment of an East African Community Common Market”, EAC Secretariat, Arusha; funded by the EAC and Economics Consultant, Investment Climate Analysis for Government of Kenya in association with SRI-International, Washington, on Kenya's Investment Climate for the Investment Advisory and Promotion Centre of the Ministry of Finance, Kenya.

Mr. Farid Mohamed – Financial Analyst

Mr. Mohamed holds an MBA from Cranfield School of Management and a Master of Science degree in Structural Design/ Offshore Structures. He is a highly experienced financial analyst with detailed knowledge of structuring multi-currency project financing for new projects and for privatized institutions using a wide range of debt and equity instruments, including interest rate and currency swaps and options, export credit agencies, commercial bank debt, development finance companies. He has structured financing packages and served as an advisor to both public and private sector companies in East Africa, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Malaysia among other countries. He is currently an advisor to public and private sector companies in Eastern Africa on the development of corporate business plans and arrangement of project financing and structured financing for new projects and for privatisation of infrastructure.

Mr. Mohamed is currently developing private commodity import (handling and storage) facilities linked to Mombasa port. He has arranged financing for new container depot in Mombasa linking directly with the Port. The depot is built on a 12Ha site with throughput capacity of over 350,000 containers per annum, a 9-story commercial office building, and a bridge link directly to the port. He is also an advisor to Kenya Ports Authority on (i) tariff review; (ii) port master plan and an advisor to Tanzania Harbours Authority on privatization of general cargo berths at Dar-es-Salaam port.

Some of the consultancies he has undertaken include: Development and financing options for fertiliser plant for the Ministry of Agriculture; Arranging equity and debt financing for numerous (over 15) horticulture businesses in East Africa, tea and coffee estate in Kenya, mixed crop plantation in Uganda and grain handling facility in Kenya; Financial Advisor/ Project manager: Conversion of sisal waste to energy in Kenya using a combination of biogas and combustion technologies; power generation 12-15MW; project cost US$21m; a similar project in Tanzania is at an early stage; Feasibility of bio-diesel production from jatropha in Madagascar -Socota/D1 Oils; viability of bio-fuel production from jatropha and sorghum in Kenya- Vegpro Ltd; Developed and arranged financing for the only functioning warehouse receipts system for cereal crops in Kenya; this is currently operating for barley, wheat and maize and is being expanded to include additional banks.
He has reviewed various investment projects for the Ministry of Northern Kenya; livestock - management using feedlots and local abattoirs; improving quality of hides, reviving an aloe vera processing plant at Baringo, developing irrigation projects to improve agricultural production along the Tana River, and improving logistics for storage, collection and transport to market of fruit, especially mangoes.

Dr. Alfred Muthee – Agricultural/ Natural Resources Economist

Dr. Muthee holds a PhD in Agricultural/Natural Resources Economics and has over 36 years of experience (8 years with Ministry of Commerce and Industry – Kenya, 5 years as World Bank Economic Advisor to the Ugandan Government, 10 years as a World Bank Senior Advisor to the Kenyan Government and over 13 years as a private consultant). He has wide experience in industry/ trade, agriculture and natural resources development, promotion, policy and planning.

Some of the assignments he has accomplished include; Livestock Value Chain Consultant, Study on Challenges and Opportunities for Private Sector Development in Lesotho Livestock Products Value Chains; South Africa/Lesotho, African Development Bank; Regional Lead Consultant, Study on Development of Regionally integrated value Chains in IGAD/EAC/COMESA/SADC: The Case of Maize (Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia Malawi) and Livestock value chains( N/S Sudan, Ethiopia and Botswana) COMESA/SADC region, UNECA/FAO/COMESA; Livestock Consultant, Somaliland livestock value chains synthesis and identification of potential investments by the private and public sectors, Somaliland, DFID/OXFAM; Livestock Consultant, Strategic Value Chain Assessment of the Livestock Sector in Somaliland, CNFA-USA/USAID; Livestock Consultant, Preparation of Beef Value Chain in Swaziland, World Bank; Value Chain Analyst, Integrated Analysis of Leather Value Chains (MSME-MI/World Bank), a study that resulted to the establishment of the Leather Development Council; Senior Consultant, Two chapters in UNECA – Economic Report of Africa, 2009: Challenges to Agricultural Development in Africa Integrated Value Chain Approach to Agricultural Development in Africa, (UNECA- Addis Ababa); Team Leader, Value Chains for nine commodities (Tea, coffee, cotton, pyrethrum, horticulture, beef, dairy, hides/skins, and fisheries/sea food), ASCU- Ministry of Agriculture where he studied value chains from production to consumption; Team Leader, Development of Strategies for Agricultural commodities with competitive advantage (Soya, sunflower and sesame) in strategic Positioning in value chain development in the East Africa sub-region, UNECA (United Nations Economic Commission for Africa); Team Leader, AU-IBAR-USAID Livestock and Livestock Products Marketing Study, AU-IBAR – Nairobi. The project, sanctioned by USAID, developed value chains for all livestock, analyzed Nairobi and Mombasa markets and also analyzed potential exports of live animals and meat to Middle East and the European Union respectively; Consultant, Horticulture and Poultry Value Chains (USAID-NIKE-CARDOEM). The study addressed poor girls in fishing communities with an aim to alleviate poverty through alternative poultry production (KENBRO) and horticulture among others.

Prof. Jacob Kibwage – Environmental Assessment Expert

Prof. Kibwage received his PhD in Environmental Planning and Management from Maseno University, Kenya/Bayreuth University, Germany in 2002. He has also attended numerous and yet highly relevant courses/training seminars in environmental topics including a two weeks training workshop on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the use of Image Processing System.

Prof. Kibwage has led over 150 Environmental Impact Assessment / Audit and Supervision project. He is fully conversant with Urban Environmental Planning and Management issues e.g. on energy, agriculture, wildlife, forestry, wetlands, fisheries, minerals, soil conservation, waste management, water resources and gender issues.

He has been a lecturer for the past 18 years at undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels in Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Environmental Auditing.

Currently his research interest and consulting experience are in Environmental Impact Assessment/audit; and he is the current Dean of School of Environment and Natural Resources, South Eastern Kenya University.

Mr. Dan Ameyo – Legal Expert

Mr. Ameyo is a qualified Legal Expert with extensive experience in international treaties and agreements, regional integration, policy formulation and analysis, and legal and institutional reforms. He holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.), Corporate and International Law, Corporate Securities Regulations from Queen Mary College, University of London, UK. He is a registered member of different Law Professional Societies in Kenya, UK and Egypt.

As a result of his service at the Attorney General’s Chambers and as a consultant, Mr. Ameyo has gathered immense experience in the drafting of various legal instruments both in the local, regional and international setting. His key assignments include drafting of the East African Community (EAC) Treaty; instruments that created the East African Legislative Assembly; and the Legal instruments of COMESA. Mr. Ameyo has been a Consultant to SADC where he carried out a study on the legal and Institutional requirement necessary to transform SADC from its Free Trade Area (FTA) status to a SADC Customs Union. He was the Legal Consultant to the Team that carried out the Study to merge the three economic organizations into a single Free Trade Area where he participated in the elaboration of the legal and institutional framework; therefore where he is conversant with the regional integration processes and trade negotiations at regional and international levels.

He is the Team Leader on the Assessment Study to Review the State of the Negotiations for COMESA-EAC-SADC Tripartite Free Trade Area (EAC); he was also the Team Leader on the recently completed assignment on “ Study of Trade Environment and Sustainable Development in the Context of EAC-EU EPA Negotiations” and he was the Team Leader on the Study on the Attainment of a Single Customs Territory in a Fully Fledged Customs Union for the EAC where he reviewed and identified gaps in the implementation of the Customs Unions and proposed options and modalities for addressing outstanding issues and identified the required interventions for a fully-fledged customs union; Legal Consultant/expert to the EAC on a Study on the EAC Common Market Protocol; in this consultancy assignment, Mr. Ameyo drew a model EAC Common Market Protocol as part of the assignment’s interim report which was well received by the client. The model Protocol includes specific provisions on the institutional reorganization of the Community organs, its commercial and competition policy and provisions on the movement of capital.

Dr. Muchemi K. Mwangi – Wildlife Expert/ Veterinary

Dr. Muchemi received his Phd (in Schistomiasis in Non-Human Primates) from the University of Liverpool UK. The PhD was preceded by a MSc degree in pathology form the University of Guelph in Canada. Dr. Muchemi has also attended many short courses including a course in advanced laboratory diagnosis of parasitic diseases affecting wildlife at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical.

His work experience includes exposure in both the public and private sector. In a period spanning six (6) years he was a Veterinary Research Officer – and later Head - in the Wildlife Disease Section of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development. He participated in numerous wildlife disease research activities. Dr. Muchemi has also been employed by Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and also has been engaged in consultancy assignments to KWS, where among other duties, he planned and oversaw the construction of a mini-orphanage site and translocation of animals. He has published extensively and has received numerous invitations as guest lecturer in various forums.

Mr. Anthony Muriithi – Transport Economist

Mr. Murithi holds a Masters Degree in Transport and Maritime Management from the University of Antwerp in Belgium. Mr. Murithi has wide knowledge and experience in eastern, central, and southern Africa on transport, trade, investment, regional integration and communication issues. For over 15 years, he has been involved in policy formulation and advice, co-ordination and management on economic growth and development at country and regional levels.

Among the consultancy assignments he has undertaken include consulting services to the East Africa Transportation Initiative (EATI) and the Great Horn of Africa Transportation Initiative (GHATI) on transport policy review, data collection and analysis on various modes of transport in East and Southern Africa; organising workshops, seminars and meetings; research and planning and writing position papers in the transport sector.

Mr. Murithi has also dealt with issues related to international co-operation at national and international levels, gaining experience in treaty making, agreements, protocols and memoranda of understanding. In his illustrious career, he has been able to identify, promote and facilitate investment opportunities in transport, trade, investment and communications and other related services.

Mr. Washington Karuku Kiiru – Development Economist

Mr. Kiiru is a highly qualified and experienced Economist and a Specialist in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise financing, training and policy analysis. He has a wide experience in Programme/Project Design, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation. He has seven years experience in donor programme management as team leader and over 11 years experience in Small Enterprise financing and non-financial services delivery including counselling and training of Small Scale entrepreneurs.

He also has extensive experience in preparation of feasibility studies, sectoral studies, project profiles and project appraisal and investment/trade promotion initiatives. Mr. Kiiru has undertaken several training assignments and is able to impart technical know-how in the fields of Project planning, organization and management, economics, finance and credit schemes especially in the area of Small and Micro enterprises. He has also effectively undertaken consulting assignments in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development especially in the area of Policy Development, Micro finance and Programme Evaluation.
Through his close working relationships with donors, Mr. Kiiru has had wide exposure in the design and implementation of donor-funded programmes. As a Learning Manager, he has had exposure in training needs assessment and management of Human Resource Development programmes. Mr. Kiiru’s areas of specialization include design, evaluation and implementation of credit programmes, policy review, provision of management advisory services and training on credit delivery issues as well as trade and investment promotion.

Ms. Kanaidza Abwao – Human Resources Development Consultant

Kanaidza is an accomplished Institutional Development Practitioner, Facilitator and Human Capital Business Advisor with more than fifteen years experience within industry and consultancy. She has assisted organizations to become more productive by enhancing staff skills, expanding knowledge mentoring and cultivating positive attitudes. She facilitates alignment of organizational and people issues through conducting organizational reviews. She is proficient in human capital management with experience in training and development, performance management, counseling, compensation and benefits administration. She has managed policy and process development and their implementation and managed a wide range of related HR and communications functions.

She has well-developed oral and written communication skills, including proposal and report writing and editing. She is analytical and logical in approach to projects and assignments. Kanaidza continues to strengthen her capabilities through work in the public and private sector. Her experience has covered work within Africa and in the United States of America. She has carried out work using French, English and Kiswahili. Currently Kanaidza is an Institutional Development and Business Advisor providing services to public and private organizations. She is assisting organizations in business transformation and improvement by supporting them to align and enhance organizational and people issues to meet customer needs and achieve organizational objectives.