Capability Statement

Rural Development

Wamba/Samburu Baseline Survey / Feasibility Study World Vision, Kenya) 1994

The Group was commissioned to assist in the development of World Vision Kenya's future direction in the two areas proposed for Area Development project work; define specific areas of intervention; and examine available baseline information to characterise the current status of the community. Recommendations were made on the feasibility of community-based income generating projects in the region.

Design of a Credit Scheme for the Farmers' Groups and Community Support Project (ODA) 1993

The Group provided a consultant to Kenya’s Ministry of Planning and National Development to design the institutional and operational components of a credit scheme. The credit mechanism was used for two IFAD funded community support projects in western Kenya and in Nyeri.

Wamba Food Security Project (GTZ) 1989

This was a long-term implementation programme for the development of a semi-arid area in Kenya. The assignment involved range-land ecology, agricultural, water and soil management. The Group seconded two long-term technical experts to the project.

Tharaka Rural Water Project (GOK/SIDA) 1989

For this project in a semi-arid area of Kenya, the Group worked under a subcontract from Norconsult. The team for the assignment comprised of a social anthropologist, rural sociologist, hydrogeologist, economist, and health planner.

Turkana Livestock Review, Phase I and II (NORAD) 1989

Working as a subcontractor to Norconsult, the Group provided a livestock production (animal science) specialist and an animal disease control expert.

Resource Management for Rural Development Project (GOK) 1986

This project assisted the government of Kenya to promote resource mobilisation for implementing the District Focus Strategy for Rural Development; planning for regional balance and rural-urban linkages; improving administration of district planning and project implementation, and rationalising finance and budget management systems. The Group worked under a subcontract with the Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID).

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